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I wasn’t sure how the removal process was going to be. I kept hearing horror stories about how it is so much worse than the initial ink was. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of the practice and the confidence of the staff. They are super friendly and know exactly what they are doing, making the whole process more enjoyable. Though I don’t think you can really enjoy getting zapped by a laser… tattoo must go exceeded all expectations.

C Taylor | April 10, 2015

If you are looking to remove a tattoo, Tattoo Must Go is the place to go. The place is clean and easy to get to from anywhere in town. Christie is awesome! She took the time to explain the entire process and answer all of my questions. I was in and out of my appointment in less than 25 minutes. I can already see how much lighter my tattoo is after only one session. Looking forward to future sessions and getting rid of this mistake tattoo.

K Muery | March 11, 2015

Friendly and knowledgeable. Very affordable. Clean and professional… I love this place! Christie is awesome!

C Wilcox | May 11, 2011

Best place for tattoo removal… very professional and very safe , I had 5 treatments on my tattoo and now its very lightened up , the tattoo artist is now able to cover it up with another tattoo , NO SCARS, NO INFECTIONS and NO REDNESS. Gary is a very professional tattoo removal technician and very honest with his clients, I recommend this place for everyone out there who wishes to get his tattoo removed or lightened up, and the cost is very affordable as well.

Elias | Feb 24, 2010

I had four treatments before I had to move away from Denver. Very professional, clean and safe. The tatt is barely visible and if I was still in the area I would go to him for my last treatment…maybe on my next trip to Denver. Excellent.

Bryan | 05/11/2009

My fiance and I each had a session a couple of weeks ago… friendly, clean, professional place! Awesome! Thank you!!

Laura Markham

I had my fisrt session yesterday to get my tattoo removed from years ago, I would recommend them to anyone.

Miguel Tena

Tattoo Must Go does a great job. i have had 2 treatments already on my knuckles and about to have another one. theyre kind, respectful, and courteous. i would recommend them to anyone who needs a tattoo to be removed.

JoJo Breezy

Tattoo Must GO A+. Customer Satisfaction and staff A+++. I was completely impressed with the technique and abilities this company is able to offer. If you are willing to committ to removing your unwanted tattoo(s), they will be committed to you and provide the upmost care. After one treatment, I can already see my tattoos fading. I also have had several people approach me noticing a difference and asking where I am having the procedure done at – I’m proud to tell them Tattoo Must GO is my number one choice for tattoo removal. Christie and Gary are very knowledgeable and explain the process thoroughly; they don’t sugar coat anything. They also provide information on the pros and cons of using numbing cream – to achieve the best and quickest results, I chose not to use it. Their professionalism, customer care and follow-up procedures exceeded my expectations. They are very prompt about returning calls and answering questions. They follow through with patient care even after the appointment. I live in Omaha, Nebraska and will be traveling back to Tattoo Must GO because of the professionalism and patient care they provide. They are detailed and address your specific needs and concerns and are very accommodating. It is affordable and they offer military discounts too. I am looking forward to my future treatments with Christie at Tattoo Must GO! I believe there is no other place that provides better service.

Pookie (Dated: Sept. 8, 2011)

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